Crystal Hypnotized – First Visit

Here is the full video of my first shoot with Crystal. I demonstrate a number of different hypnotic suggestions with her following a lengthy induction (which isn’t included in the video, though a second induction is included). She was a very unique subject having two relatives who practice hypnotherapy, and she compares this session to her experiences with them several times throughout the video.

Crystal responded to all my suggestions really well and you can tell by her responses that she’s often surprised by this. In the video she is brought in and out of hypnosis several times with a few different techniques. She can’t remember the number four, then finds she can’t say it either. Her hand becomes glued to herself and the couch. She’s given a trigger to freeze and slow freeze, which had some unintended results. She experiences a blank mind trigger, including a second one that suggests she enjoys the feeling of a blank mind. She was given a suggestion to think of the response “I am deeply hypnotized” anytime I ask her how she feels, which she responds to throughout the entire video, though me giving her the suggestion was unfortunately cut out. She really likes the couch she’s sitting on. She finds her pop not only makes her feel as if she’s taken a sedative, but also that it makes her feel good. Lastly, she’s given a trigger to become a chicken when she shakes my mind upon finishing the shoot.The full video is 1 hour and:20 minutes.¬†Since it was my first shoot, I was a little too focused on the actual hypnosis side of things so the video wasn’t filmed as well as I would have liked. The picture is sometimes a bit out of focus, though you can see everything just fine. There are also a few random cuts and a bit of cropping. The price has been lowered because of this.

Price: $11.99
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Length: 80 minutes

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