Hypnotic Induction Script

Here is a free hypnotic induction script. It’s a very simple approach to hypnosis but also very effective if done properly. Make sure your hypnotic subject is sitting or lying down somewhere comfortable where they can easily relax, and read this script as you guide them into a relaxing hypnotic trance.

It’s important to remember every hypnotic subject is different. Some may go into a very deep hypnotic trance from this simple induction, others may require more hypnotic work or even a different hypnotic induction.

I will be adding further tools soon including more hypnotic inductions and deepening and suggestion techniques. You can also buy my book on Amazon for further teaching.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your voice is an important tool during a hypnotic induction. Your voice should ooze relaxation, they should feel it in each and every word you speak to your subject.

  • Even if you do everything right, a subject can still require several attempts to be properly hypnotized. Think of it like meditation, the subject has to let their mind enter that perfect state of relaxation. You try to encourage and aid that relaxation, but the subject has to do their part as well.

  • No matter how relaxed the subject is they are still listening. Don’t speak to them as if they are unconscious or somewhere else.

  • Believe in yourself and don’t go into a hypnosis session with too many expectations.
  • Read the black text, NOT the blue text. The blue text are notes for you.

    We’ll start by having you get in a comfortable position where you can let your body relax.

    [Make sure their arms and legs aren’t crossed]

    You’ll find being hypnotized is very easy, all you really have to do is sit back, listen along, and most importantly, relax. That word relax will be an important word as well. Every time you hear it, I want you to imagine a weight passing over your mind and body, sort of like a wave of relaxation. I want you to imagine it now as you hear that word, relax, imaging a heavy wave of relaxation passing over you, relaxing you further and leaving behind a sense of weight on your body. Can you feel that weight when you hear the word, relax?

    [This is a simple test to see how suggestible your subject might be. If they tell you they feel heavier, they will likely be a good hypnotic subject. If they don’t feel it all, they might be a challenging subject. which means repeating a few steps later on in our induction.]

    [You should also emphasize the word relax whenever you say it to push that relaxation trigger even further.]

    Now to help you relax even more, we’re going to do a simple relaxation exercise. First I want you to close your eyes down and you can keep them closed until I ask you to open them, and notice how easy it is to relax already, simply closing your eyes down adds to that relaxation since it’s so natural to relax with your eyes closed.

    Now we’re going to have you focus very closely on your breathing and with each easy breath that you take I want you to imagine a heavy weight resting on your body, a comfortable, relaxing weight, as if each breath makes you feel heavier and more relaxed. Let’s try that now, take a nice deep breath in, holding it in your lungs, and exhale and feel yourself relax, as that weight rests on your body and your mind, like a warm heavy blanket.

    Let’s try that again, take another deep breath in, filling your lungs up with air, and exhale, feeling the relaxation even deeper as that heavy weight rests on your body again, making you feel so much heavier, but also so much more relaxed.

    [Your tone and candor are very important during this next part as you count them down into a deeper relaxation. It’s not enough to simply say these words, you want them to feel the relaxation from your voice as if you’re part of the relaxation.]

    And to help you relax even more, I’m going to count from 10 down to the number 1 and with each number I reach I want you to imagine that heavy weight again, as if with each number you feel a physical weight resting on your body and you’ll feel it’s relaxation more and more.

    We’ll start with the number 10 and already you can feel that weight wash over you, resting on your body, feeling so heavy and so relaxing. You feel that weight each time you hear that number, number 10, relaxing you more and more, heavier and heavier.

    You can feel that weight even more as you reach the number 9, that number really weighs on you, feeling so much heavier, as you feel so much more relaxed, drifting down with each number.

    That warm relaxing weight grows even stronger as you reach the number 8, feeling heavier and heavier, and you can imagine each number like a weight, a heavy weight tied to your mind and body, and with each number you feel the pull from that weight more and more. Feel it pull even stronger as you hear the number 8 again, that’s right, number 8, it feels so heavy, so warm and relaxing as you drift a little deeper, as you drift a little easier into that relaxation.

    And I want you to really feel that relaxation wash over you as I reach the number 7, drifting slowly down with each number, heavier and heavier, warm and relaxed.

    Moving further down into that relaxing heaviness as you reach the number 6, so heavy, that number pulls you further into that relaxing drift, your mind sort of floating in that relaxation and that number weighs on you, so heavy with the number 6, so warm and relaxed.

    It’s so easy to relax and drift with the relaxation as the heaviness weighs on you with the number 5, it feels like a nice relaxing blanket wrapping itself around you, so warm and peaceful as you drift deeper with the number 5.

    Just drifting and floating in that relaxation, feeling the nice, peaceful weight that grows even heavier with the number 4, that number and its weight tied to your mind and pulling it further into that heavy place of relaxation, where your mind can drift so easily and enjoy this wonderful feeling.

    And you drift even further down with the number 3, that’s right, that number so heavy on your mind. it’s warm relaxation washing over you each time you hear it, number 3, so much deeper, so warm and relaxing, number 3.

    Notice yourself float even further down as you reach the number 2, feeling it’s weight as if that’s the heaviest number yet, that number 2, so heavy, so heavy and relaxing as you drift deeper and deeper. And on that next number, you can really let yourself sink and drift down into that relaxation knowing that next number is very heavy, and when you hear it your mind can let go and float down with that relaxation.

    Number 3, moving down so easily, feeling that weight. Number 2, drifting down as that weight pulls, and number 1, that’s right, drifting and floating as that number weighs so heavily on your mind, number 1, each time you hear it another wave of relaxation and heaviness washing over you, pulling you down deeper as you float in this relaxation. Number 1, so heavy, so relaxed, drifting so easily as these words pass over you.

    And as I talk to you and help you relax more and more, you can think of my voice as part of that relaxation, and just listening along allows you to relax so much deeper, because it’s very easy to relax as you listen to someone talk, many of us have done this as children, listening and allowing the words to sort of take you on a nice relaxing journey. You can let them take you deeper and deeper into that relaxation. Feel yourself drift deeper now, as if moving down a level, and just noticing yourself moving down that level you feel the relaxation even deeper, you feel that heaviness on your mind pulling so easily, guiding you deeper down.

    It’s very easy relaxing, and you felt how easy it is to relax as you are counted down, guiding deeper into relaxation, but you can go so much deeper. You can feel so much more relaxed. I’m going to count down again, this time from 5 down to the number 1, and you are going to feel the weight of each number as if they are much stronger the second time around. As if it’s becoming easier and easier to relax, and this time as you count your mind will find it even easier as you become even more relaxed, as you drift so much deeper.

    [Tone is very important here again, as you want this count down to sound even heavier than the last one. Speak softer, slower, bringing out the relaxation in your voice even more.]

    I’ll start with the number 5, already you can feel that weight as if it weighs so much heavier, it pulls on your mind, a warm, relaxing heaviness, as if it becomes easier to float down.

    You can feel that weight even more as you reach the number 4, heavier and heavier, that number so warm and soothing, as if it’s extra relaxing, number 4.

    You can drift deeper down as you reach the number 3, so heavy, that number tied to your mind as you float down, further and further, deeper and deeper.

    And you really feel that relaxation with the number 2, heavier and heavier, it feels so easy to relax with that number, as if you drift away into the relaxation as you hear it, number 2, but with that next number you can drift so much easier, even my voice drifting off as you just float with that warm, heavy relaxation.

    Number 3, so warm and heavy as you drift down, deeper and deeper. Number 2, that number pulling as you drift down, and Number 1, so heavy as you relax and drift, as you let that number take you, guide you further down, drifting and sinking so easily into the warm inviting place. Your mind just floating as these words even drift off, knowing your subconscious mind can hear everything it needs to. All you have to do is relax and let your mind float with the relaxation, as you let these words wash over you like waves of heaviness and comfort, like the tide these words just pull you further and further down into that warm relaxing feeling.

    [Now you can move onto further deepening techniques to take them further into trance, you can have them open their eyes and do an eye-closure induction to further enhance their suggestibility through trance, or you can move on to giving them a hypnotic suggestion. At this point they are in a lighter trance, but many subjects are likely already quite suggestible by now.]

    [If you found your subject was not very responsive with our first test or it looks as if they aren’t as deeply relaxed as you’d like, you can simply repeat those count downs until you feel the subject is relaxed enough. It’s even more effective to attach some imagery with further count downs, like having them imagine walking down a flight of stairs as you count or moving down an elevator. The imagination is the language of the subconscious mind so imagery attached to countdowns can be very powerful.]

    [I will add further educational tools soon including more induction, deepening, and even suggestion techniques.]