About Hypnosis On Display

What is Hypnosis On Display?

Hypnosis On Display is a series of real hypnosis demonstrations, providing the experience of a live stage hypnosis show in a personal setting, without the cheesy comedy routine. Each session features a volunteer and their unique reactions to a number of different suggestions, some taken from classic stage routines you’d see in a live show, and others given to us from the communities and fans that follow the series.

While it started very modestly, the series has grown into one of the most unique showcases of hypnotic suggestion. We’ve now filmed over 45 hypnosis sessions, with millions of viewers in just a few short years, and the first season of our full length show has now been released on YouTube.

Outside of our filmed sessions, we’ve also released a how-to book for those looking to learn the art of hypnosis, and now offer private hypnosis sessions as Hypnosis On Display continues to grow.

Is it Safe?

The hypnosis in our sessions is authentic and real, with the full hypnotic induction of each model being included in our videos. Volunteer safety and comfort is always a priority, which is why the content of our sessions can be so diverse, each session molded around not only a models abilities as a hypnotic subject, but also their level of comfort with each suggestion.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be a very complicated and often misunderstood topic. The hypnotic state is simply an enhanced state of focus and relaxation, with different levels of depth a subject can be guided to, each level providing different phenomena and experiences. It’s a very natural state that we often pass through several times in a day, while reading a book or watching television.

A hypnotized subject won’t do anything while in trance that they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. The subject is the one in control, not the hypnotist. The hypnotist is only a guide, making suggestions and helping to create experiences, but it is up to the subject whether they follow them or not. If they do not want to comply, they do not have to.

You can read more about hypnosis and learn the art yourself with my first book, Yes It’s Real: Hypnosis For Beginners.


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