Gail Hypnotized – First Visit

Here is my first shoot with the lovely Gail. She was initially a difficult subject and required a bit of work before entering a deep state of hypnosis, but once there she turned out to be a really great subject. This shoot is also highly recommended as it’s filled with some really great reactions and the price has been reduced since there are a few random cuts due to some battery issues.

Gail is put through a lengthy induction and is hypnotized repeatedly, following a number of my suggestions. Highlights include several frozen scenes, including one during a smoke break, a suggestion to repeat the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” throughout the shoot, transforming into a kitten, and a great scene where she believes she’s a robot.

Production quality is again improved upon since I’ve added a zoom lens. I have reduced the price because there are a few random cuts. I had some battery issues since her induction required more time than expected. The video still runs 1 hour and 28 minutes.

Full list of suggestions:

Sleep trigger
Floating hand
Freeze scene during smoke break
Suggestion to repeat phrase
More freeze scenes
Body parts become limb
Mannequin suggestion
Loses herself in the camera lens
Transforms into kitten
Becomes robot

Price: $15.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 720p
File Size: 2.63gb
Length: 88 minutes

You will be emailed a download link or can download the video directly from the site once your purchase is complete.