Jayne Hypnotized – Sixth Visit

In this hypnosis session we welcome back the ever popular Jayne, as she returns for her sixth hypnosis session. While her previous shoots have been some of the best I’ve filmed, this last one should certainly rank near the top, as she not only went incredibly deep, but I fit a great deal of content into this shoot as well. I also took a bit of a different direction with this shoot.

Since I knew Jayne is so open to my suggestion when she is hypnotized and had been through my routines before, I decided to have her completely forget she had been hypnotized, and instead had her believe she was there to interview as a magaician’s assitant. She took to this suggestion perfectly, and for the rest of the shoot continued to believe this. This is one of my most content filled sessions with all kinds of great scenes, including several where she believes she’s various animals, a number of freeze scenes, she feels compelled to dance while her mind is blank, the clasic orgasmic handshake, among so many great moments in this video. Her feet are also bare throughout the entire shoot and often visible.

There was an issue with the sound during the induction, but I switch to a second audio source once it’s complete.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
Forgets her own name
Given trigger word to blank her mind
Forgets why she’s there
Becomes frozen when triggered
She is posed while frozen
Believes she’s auditioning as a magicicans assistant
Repeats phrase “I am completely under your control”
Mouth becomes numb but she doesn’t realize it
Mouth becomes numb again and she’s aware
Her mouth and lips become sensitive
She becomes mesmerized by her lips
Her body slowly becomes frozen
Her body slowly becomes rigid
The camera lens drains her mind
Her body dances to music while her mind is blank
She feels compelled to dance when she hears music
Repeats mantra while her mind is blank
She finds the smell of her feet mesmerizing
The smell of her feet slowly puts her to sleep
It feels as if she’s been given a love potion
Barks like a dog when triggered
Her voice is replaced by a chickens
She doesn’t realize her voice has been replaced by a chickens
Believes she’s a dog when triggered
Believes she’s a chicken when triggered
Believes she’s a cat and licks her hands and feet
Feels like showing off when triggered
Experiences an orgasmic handshake
Closing interview

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