Elizabeth Hypnotized – Second Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature a returning volunteer in Elizabeth, who was being hypnotized for the second time. She was a very talented subject in her first session, and was an even better subject in her return. Since she has such an outgoing personality, we focused on bringing that out in different roles through our hypnosis session.

She experienced a number of powerful transformations, including becoming several different animals, the best robot we’ve filmed, and even became a zombie. In one of the craziest moments during our session we suggested her boobs had a mind of their own and slowly took over her body, which led to her rapping very loudly about how great she felt.

There was also a powerful scene near the end of our session where it was suggested she forget being hypnotized at all, but found herself randomly transforming into a chicken. She would carry on as if we were having a perfectly normal conversation, yet continue to break occasionally to become a chicken.

This was easily one of the most memorable sessions we’ve filmed. Elizabeth is a special subject, and you can really see that in this session.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction with deepening
  • Several different reinductions
  • Tries to open her eyes while in trance but they feel too heavy
  • She says her own trigger word while in trance, guiding her deeper into trance
  • She is hypnotized with a pocket watch
  • She is given a special trigger word that causes her to become completely frozen in place when she hears it
  • She is frozen while still in trance and her arm is posed above her body
  • She is frozen while awake, moved and posed while she remains frozen
  • She forgets her name and the number four
  • Her hands become stuck to any surface the hypnotist places them on
  • While her hands are stuck, she feels tickled anytime she hears a snap
  • She becomes mesmerized by a spiral on the TV
  • While in trance she becomes Elizabeth the robot, a fully mechanical robot
  • As a robot she can more easily transform, not only into different animals but also personality roles
  • She wakes up as the robot
  • As her first transformation she becomes a kitten
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She lays an egg while she’s a chicken
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She’s mesmerized by a spiral while she’s a puppy
  • She’s hypnotized while mesmerized and still thinking she’s a puppy
  • She becomes a monkey
  • She becomes a mindless zombie
  • It’s suggested the TV remote is programmed to work on her, but she doesn’t believe it
  • We do some tests to show her it indeed does work on her
  • She is paused, put in slow motion, her language is changed to gibersh, and she is powered off
  • She forgets being hypnotized at all and thinks we’re just beginning our session, but she finds herself randomly transforming into a chicken
  • She is mesmerized by a spiral on the TV
  • She experiences Mood Boobs, where her boobs have a mind of their own and slowly take over her body
  • She’s shot with the Stupid Gun, causing her IQ to drop
  • The gun is switched over to the Pleasure Gun, causing a jolt of pleasure each time she’s shot
  • It becomes the Hypno Gun, causing her to feint or drop into an instant sleep anytime she’s shot
  • She receives the pleasurable handshake
  • She finds that when she puts on her shoes to leave she begins to dance uncontrollably

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Length: 3hr9m

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