Maggie Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Maggie. She turned out to be one of the best subjects we have ever worked with, and naturally took to hypnosis very quickly. This also turned out to be our longest session yet, absolutely filled with all kinds of different hypnotic suggestions.

Since Maggie was such a great subject, we had to drag out the session longer than normal so that we could try all the suggestions we could possibly fit in. This means there are a ton of memorable scenes and moments in this video. She turned out to be especially ticklish in a scene where her hands are stuck and she feels as if she’s being tickled all over. She had to admit afterwards she almost peed in this scene as she’s tickled over and over again. We tried a new suggestion where her lips became stuck to a plastic bottle of water when she went for a drink. There was also a rather intense scene where she was hypnotized by a stuffed monkey and became it’s monkey slave, which led her to say “the monkey is God.”

Overall it was one of the best sessions we’ve filmed to date, with not only an excellent subject and volunteer, but also a content packed hypnosis session.

Technical note: This was our first session where we used a brand new audio source, providing a dramatically improved listening experience.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and several reinductions
  • Her eyes feel as if they are glued together while in trance
  • She is hypnotized by a pocket watch
  • She becomes frozen anytime she hears a trigger word
  • She can be moved or posed while she is frozen
  • She is frozen while in trance and her arm is moved
  • She is repeatedly frozen throughout our session
  • She forgets the number four and her name
  • She’s hypnotized by a pocket watch while she’s frozen
  • She becomes mesmerized by a spiral on the TV while a camera battery is being switched
  • Her hands become stuck to any surface they touch
  • She also feels tickled anytime she hears a snap
  • While her hands are stuck she hears a snap several times
  • She becomes mersmerized by the spiral again
  • She’s hypnotized while focused on the spiral
  • When she’s asked how she feels or how she’s doing she automatically responds with the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized”
  • Her mouth and tongue feel numb and swollen, with this sensation growing each time she hears a snap
  • She becomes frozen very slowly, starting from her toes and moving up to her head, whenever she hears a special trigger word
  • She feels as if her body is turning to jelly when she hears the word melt
  • When she is shot with the hypno gun, she will feint or drop into an instant sleep
  • When the hypno gun’s settings are changed, she will very slowly fall into a sleep when she’s shot
  • When the hypno gun’s settings are changed again, she’ll drop into a deep hypnotic trance instead
  • She becomes a mechanical robot when she hears a trigger word
  • It’s suggested as a robot she can transform into different roles, animals, and even personalities very easily
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She becomes a cat
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She becomes a chicken again
  • She lays an egg while she’s a chicken
  • She becomes a ballerina
  • She becomes an exotic dancer instead
  • She becomes a zombie
  • She says a special trigger word herself while in trance that takes her deeper
  • She responds to a TV remote as if it’s programmed for her, becoming paused, muted, put in slow motion, having her language changed, even being powered off
  • She is shot with the stupid gun, causing her IQ to drop each time she is shot
  • When she says the word sleep, she begins a loop where she can’t stop saying it and each time she does she begins to return to trance
  • She is hypnotized by a stuffed monkey
  • She becomes the stuffed monkeys slave and bows in front of it
  • She becomes a monkey herself and begins to pick through our stuffed monkeys hair
  • She thinks her hand is a snake with a mind of its own, and it slowly mesmerizes and charms her into dancing rhythmically
  • When she drinks from a bottle of water, her lips become stuck to the bottle
  • She finds as she drinks some of the water she becomes intoxicated
  • She experiences a hypnotic orgasm while in trance
  • She forgets being hypnotized but finds herself becoming a chicken when she hears a trigger word
  • She remembers the entire hypnosis session when her forward is touched
  • She experiences the pleasurable handshake to end the session

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