Amber Hypnotized – Second Session

In this hypnosis session we feature Amber, who was being hypnotized for the second time in our series. Amber is a very unique but challenging subject. She can be difficult to keep in a deep trance, but once there she offers some extremely interesting and unexpected reactions.

Amber is the only volunteer we’ve worked that goes into trance often with her eyes open. She told us she often sleeps with her eyes open at night, and this has the interesting result of allowing her to go into deeper levels of trance while her eyes remain open. She also had some unpredictable reactions to some of our suggestions, like unexpectedly falling over while mesmerized by the camera lens. She provided some great transformations, becoming a cat, a puppy, a chicken, and even became the mechanical robot Amberbot.

Overall it was an excellent hypnosis session with one of our most unique volunteers.

Technical note: This is the first new release to include a Companion Compilation. The compilation is made up of clips from previous hypnosis sessions that compliment the new release.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • She is taken through several different hypnotic inductions
  • Amber can be a challenging subject so we encourage her to become Amberbot, a mechanical robot, early on in our session to help her overcome feeling self-conscious
  • She becomes a cat, thinking and acting like a cat would
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She becomes Amberbot again
  • She follows some simple instructions as Amberbot
  • She slowly finds her battery running out until she completely powers off
  • She experiences her battery running out several times
  • She does a robotic dance
  • Her battery slowly runs out while she’s dancing
  • She is hypnotized while focused on a pocket watch
  • Her mouth and tongue feel numb and swollen
  • Her mouth and tongue become sensitive and pleasurable instead
  • She finds herself regressing in age as she sucks her thumb, becoming younger and younger
  • She poses for the camera
  • She becomes a chicken again
  • She feints anytime she’s shot with a toy gun
  • She falls asleep very slowly when she’s shot with the toy gun instead
  • She feels a jolt of pleasure when she’s shot with the toy gun
  • She becomes frozen in place whenever she hears a trigger word
  • She is moved or posed while she remains completely frozen
  • She is frozen for extended periods of time repeatedly
  • She becomes completely mesmerized by the camera lens
  • She experiences a pleasurable handshake while mesmerized by the camera lens
  • She becomes mesmerized again by the camera lens after thinking the session was over
  • She unexpectedly falls over while standing and mesmerized by the camera lens
  • She becomes a chicken again
  • She experiences another pleasurable handshake that causes her to fall over again to end our session
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