Fiona Hypnotized – First Session

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Fiona, who was being hypnotized for the very first time. She turned out to be a remarkable hypnotic subject, perhaps one of the best we’ve worked with, taking to trance quickly and naturally.

Since Fiona was such a gifted subject, there were a number of memorable moments and reactions in this hypnosis session. She experiences several classic stage hypnosis suggestions like forgetting a number, becoming a chicken, and dropping into trance (and providing a number of eye-rolls). She also reacts to some of our unique suggestions like becoming frozen, transforming into a mechanical robot, even experiencing a hypnotic orgasm.

The full list of hypnotic suggestions from our session can be found below.

It was an incredible hypnosis session and demonstration of the depth a good hypnotic subject can experience. Fiona has already become one of our favorite volunteers ever.

Her second hypnosis session will be released later this summer or early fall.

Technical note: This session was conducted entirely online through video chat.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Hypnotic induction and trance deepening
  • She experiences a second hypnotic induction and is taken even deeper
  • While in trance it’s suggested her hand is tied to balloons
  • She is given the suggestion that she’ll become frozen in place anytime she hears a special trigger word
  • She becomes frozen in place while she’s in trance
  • She is frozen several times while out of trance as well
  • She forgets the number four
  • Her mouth and tongue become numb each time she tries to count
  • She finds herself automatically saying the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” anytime she’s asked how she feels
  • She also feints or drops into an instant sleep anytime she hears a snap
  • She is hypnotized again while watching a spiral
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She becomes a cat
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She dances as a mechanical robot, but feels as if her battery is running out
  • She describes what she looks like as a robot
  • She feels as if her hand has a mind of its own
  • Her hand hypnotizes her and has her become a chicken again
  • She is hypnotized again by her hand and follows a suggestion she thinks the audience wants to see
  • When she hears a snap she begins to suck her thumb and regress in age, becoming younger and younger
  • She becomes completely mesmerized by a spiral and offerings some very strong eye-rolls
  • She experiences a hypnotic orgasm while in trance
  • She experiences a number of different trigger words and phrases from throughout the session, and ends up being hypnotized again while thinking she’s a chicken

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