Dre Hypnotized – Second Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session we feature Dre, who was actually being hypnotized for the first time with us. This was a preliminary hypnosis session we did with her, so there aren’t as many suggestions explored. Instead there’s a lot of trance work as we explore her hypnotic trance. There’s quite a few inductions as we take Dre in and out of trance, and even have her become a robot near the end of our session.

This session is only available this weekend.

Technical note: This session was done entirely over video chat. Her audio was a little quiet during the session but I’ve made it louder in editing.

Check your email spam folder to get the free hypnosis session download. Emails will be going out all weekend.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • She experiences a full hypnotic induction and deepening
  • She wakes up feeling very drowsy and relaxed
  • She is hypnotized again
  • She is given a special trigger word that brings her into a hypnotic trance when she hears it
  • She wakes up and talks about how she’s feeling before being hypnotized using her trigger word
  • While in a hypnotic trance it’s suggested her hand is tied to balloons
  • She becomes frozen in place in trance while she still feels her hands tied to balloons
  • She wakes up and talks about what she felt with her hand and becoming frozen, before being hypnotized again
  • She’s given the suggestion she’ll faint or drop into an instant sleep when she hears a special trigger word
  • She’s hypnotized again using the trigger word
  • She becomes a mechanical robot while in trance
  • She wakes up as this robot and explains how she feels
  • She is hypnotized one last time before our session ends

Length: 1hr44mins
Size: 1.75gbs