Chey Hypnotized – First Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Chey, who was experiencing her first hypnosis session with us. She turned out to be an incredible hypnotic subject, reacting quite strongly to all the suggestions we explored and providing one of the best hypnosis sessions we’ve recorded.

Chey is not only hypnotized many times throughout the hypnosis session, but we also use hypnosis to have her experience becoming different animals, as well as becoming a robot, a playboy model, and even a mindless zombie. We also use the hypnotic trance to provide a deep pleasurable experience as she has a hypnotic orgasm both in and out of her hypnotic trance.

Technical note: This session has been condensed with some of the hypnotic induction cut down to keep the video shorter. There will be a collectors edition eventually released with everything included as well as some alternative camera angles.

Below is a full list of all the hypnotic suggestions we explored with Chey.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Hypnotic induction and several reinductions, taking her deeper into a hypnotic trance each time
  • While in trance she experiences becoming a mechanical robot
  • She transforms from a robot into a cat
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She lays an egg as a chicken
  • She becomes a robot again
  • She dances as a robot but her battery has been removed, slowly running out of power
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She puts on a bunny costume and becomes a playboy bunny, posing for the camera
  • She becomes a robot again and responds to a TV remote as if it’s programmed for her as she’s put in slow motion, fast forward, muted, her language is changed to gibberish, and powered on and off
  • Her hand becomes a snake with a mind of its own and this snake can actually hypnotize her
  • The snake hypnotizes her to do something created by her own mind and with it only being suggested it be silly
  • It’s suggested she make funny faces at the camera while she’s hypnotized by her own hand
  • Her hand hypnotizes her to become a snake completely
  • She becomes a zombie
  • She experiences a hypnotic orgasm while in trance
  • She experiences several more transformations including becoming a cat, puppy, and chicken
  • She experiences another hypnotic orgasm while awake

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