Johanna Hypnotized – First Hypnosis Session

In this session we feature a brand new volunteer in Johanna, who happens to be a clinical hypnotist! She was experiencing stage hypnosis suggestions for the first time and turned out to be an excellent hypnotic subject, responding strongly to all of the suggestions we gave her and providing a very memorable hypnosis session.

Since she was such a great subject, there were a number of highlights. She had an interesting response to our freeze suggestion, becoming frozen in place, and finding her mouth twitching while she remained frozen. She became a cat and a chicken, including catching her off-guard with a chicken transformation during our closing chat. We discovered she’s afraid of snakes as she found her hand had become a snake that can hypnotize her. The session ended with a great hypnotic loop as she waves at the camera and says “I am deeply hypnotized” over and over again.

Technical note: This session was conducted entirely online over video chat.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and deepening of trance
  • She’s given the suggestion that when she hears the word “snap” she feels heavier and drowsier
  • She becomes frozen in place like a statue anytime she hears the word “freeze”
  • She becomes frozen very slowly when she hears the words “slow freeze”
  • She is hypnotized again while completely frozen
  • She faints or drops into an instant sleep whenever she touches her hair
  • She becomes mesmerized by her camera anytime she focuses on it
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She dances as a robot
  • She becomes a cat
  • She becomes a chicken
  • Her hand becomes a snake that can hypnotize her
  • She’s hypnotized by the snake to follow a suggestion she thinks the audience wants to see
  • She becomes stuck in a hypnotic loop, waving at the camera and saying “I am deeply hypnotized” over and over again
  • She slowly becomes a chicken again during our closing chat
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