Elizabeth Hypnotized – Christmas Special

In this hypnosis session we feature the popular Elizabeth, who was returning for a Christmas Special. It’s an entire hypnosis session with a Christmas focus, as she’s not only dressed for the season, but all of our suggestions are centered around the holiday theme.

Elizabeth is a fantastic hypnotic subject so it’s not surprising she responded to all of our suggestions extremely well, providing a very entertaining hypnosis session. There’s a number of Christmas themed highlights including having her slowly freeze in place, finding a Santa hat stuck to her head, saluting Santa, feeling naughty and nice, becoming fixated on a candy cane, and even experiencing age regression.

It’s not only an incredible Christmas Special, but one of our best hypnosis sessions in general.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and deepening
  • She is hypnotized again while focused on some Christmas garland
  • She becomes a Christmas robot while in trance
  • She wakes up as the Christmas robot and explains how she feels
  • She becomes frozen in place very slowly as if she’s being frozen from her feet up to her head
  • She experience the slow freeze several times
  • While she’s frozen, a Santa hat is placed on her head and it’s suggested she can’t take it off, as if it’s glued to her head
  • She also finds the longer she wears it the more she finds herself feeling silly
  • She is hypnotized again while focused on the camera
  • She faints or drops into an instant sleep anytime she’s hit with a garland snowball
  • She salutes the camera and automatically finds herself saying a special Christmas phrase anytime she hears a snap
  • She then finds when she hears a snap she automatically says the phrase “I am pepper the Christmas elf” but isn’t sure why she’s saying this
  • She is hypnotized again and wakes up as a chicken
  • She becomes a cat
  • She is hypnotized with a pocket watch while still thinking she’s a cat
  • She finds she can’t resist a candy cane when she sees one and even becomes mesmerized by the taste, finding it pleasurable as well
  • She feels a jolt of pleasure when she hears the word “naughty” but feels tickled all over her body when she hears the word “nice”
  • She experiences age regression, becoming younger and younger as she sucks on her thumb
  • She experiences a hypnotic orgasm from a simple handshake to end the session