Chanelle Hypnotized – Second Visit

In this hypnosis session with feature the beautiful Chanelle, who was returning for the second time. She was a great subject her first visit and was just as impressive this time around. She responded to all my suggestions quite well, and you can see her genuine surprise throughout the session.

Highlights include: a number of great freeze scenes, her gradual transformation into robot, and a few different scenes where she is made to believe she is a chicken.

This is one of my older shoots and so it doesn’t have the lighting upgrades that I have recently made. There are also a number of rough cuts. I’ve kept the price down for these reasons.

Full list of suggestions:

Sleep trigger
Forgets her name
Saying number numbs tongue
Thinks of triggered phrase
Triggered facial expressions
Limbs turn to jelly when touched
Freeze scenes
Randomly triggered freeze scenes
Bra feels itchy
Feels very hot
Tongue feels swollen
Loves the smell of her feet
Triggered mannequin
Triggered to dance
Camera lens mindpull
Turned into a robot
Her hand has a mind of its own
Turned into a chicken

Price: $16.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 1.78gb
Length: 126 minutes

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