Erin Hypnotized – First Visit (Silent Video)

In this hypnosis session we feature the beautiful Erin, an incredible subject. Due to an issue with the audio when this shoot was filmed THIS VIDEO IS SILENT. THERE IS NO AUDIO. Since there’s no audio I’ve added some brief titles to show which suggestion is being used at the beginning of each scene. It’s still one of my better sessions and there is a lot of great freeze scenes in this one.

Highlights include: A number of great freeze and slow freeze scenes where Erin is moved and posed, a great scene for foot fans where she falls in love with her own foot and wants to show it off, and quite a few inductions.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction
Freeze scenes
Swollen tongue
Blank sleepwalker
I am deeply hypnotized mantra
Falls in love with objects
Falls in love with her hand
Falls in love with her foot
Camera lens drains her mind
More freeze scenes
Slow freeze scenes
Blank thumbsucking
Pleasurable handshake

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Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 864mb
Length: 72 minutes

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