Jayne Hypnotized – Fifth Visit

In this real hypnosis session we feature the beautiful Jayne, who was returning for her fifth hypnosis session. Since I’ve worked her so many times before, it was no problem getting her into a deep trance. It was a great shoot and one of my best yet. Not only does it have a ton of content, but Jayne’s reactions are always something to see.

There are a number of freeze scenes and animal transformations (and if you haven’t seen any of Jayne’s animal transformations, they are definitely some of the best I’ve ever filmed), a lot of eye-rolls which I hadn’t seen too much in her other shoots, a great scene involving some mouth play, where she doesn’t notice her mouth becoming numb while continuing to talk, and a lengthy scene where I regress her age whenever she sucks on her thumb. I also explore submission and pleasure through hypnosis near the end of the shoot.

There is no nudity in this shoot, though she does change half way through the shoot into a short dress. Her bare feet are visible through most of the shoot as well. I was trying a new mic for this shoot and unfortunately there’s a bit of white noise on the audio, but the model is always easy to hear.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
Becomes frozen when triggered
Posed while she is frozen
Eyes roll and mind becomes blank from shoulder touch
Forgets number and her name
Hands become stuck to any surface they are placed on
She is tickled while her hands are stuck on her head
Long freeze with close ups
Repeats special phrase when triggered
Mouth and tongue become swollen and numb without her noticing
Mouth and tongue become swollen and numb with her noticing
Feels like she’s been hit with a sleep dart
Sleep dart makes her feel intoxicated before she passes out
Sleep dart slurs her speech before she passes out
Sleep dart feels pleasurable before she passes out
Becomes a chicken repeatedly when triggered
Becomes a puppy when triggered
Becomes a mindless zombie when triggered
Changes off-screen into a new outfit while her mind is blank
Tries to resist the pocket watch but can’t
Hand passing over her eyes causes her to faint
She regresses in age whenever she sucks her thumb
Finds her feet smell irresistibly good
Becomes mesmerized by that smell
Becomes submissive through hypnosis
Given a special sensitive spot on her hand
Experiences several hypnotic orgasms
No longer believes she’s hypnotized but becomes a chicken to end shoot

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Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.67gb
Length: 115 minutes

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