Megan Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature the very beautiful Megan, who was being hypnotized for the first time. She turned out to be an excellent subject, going quite deep right from the start. She tries to rationalize a lot of her strange behavior throughout the shoot, not completely believing she’s been hypnotized. It’s one of our best sessions to date, and shouldn’t be missed.

I tried to mix in some new suggestions into this shoot, while also including many of the favourites. There’s quite a bit of freezing in this shoot, where Megan is frozen solid and stuck in place, including a few scenes where she is frozen very slowly, becoming stuck mid-sentence. I used the suggestion that she faint when triggered throughout the shoot as well, and she responded to this one perfectly each time, rolling her eyes dramatically as she falls into a quick sleep. She was made to experience tickling across her body when triggered, which lead to her quickly admitting she was naturally very ticklish. The shoot ends with the classic pleasurable handshake as well. This is only to name a few highlights as the entire shoot was great from beginning to end.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
She becomes frozen like a statue when triggered
She is moved and posed while frozen
She forgets her name and number
She is hypnotized by the pocket watch
She is put back into trance with a few quick inductions
she repeats the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” when triggered
She faints each time she is triggered
She finds her feet smell pleasant
She removes her socks
Her feet become sensitive to her own touch
She finds the feeling mesmerizing and distracting
She feels as if she’s being tickled when triggered
Her mind is slowly drained from the camera lens
She is moved and posed once her mind is blank
She repeats mantra while her mind is blank
She slowly transforms into a robot
She becomes frozen very slowly
Her body becomes stiff and rigid when triggered
She is moved and placed against the couch while rigid
Her bones and muscles melt when triggered
She feels her IQ drop and intoxicated when triggered
The shoot ends with a pleasurable handshake

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Quality: 1080p
File Size: 3.12gb
Length: 2hr16m

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