Ally Hypnotized – Second Visit

In this hypnosis session with feature Ally, who was returning for her second visit with us. It was a great session from start to finish, as she went a lot deeper than her last visit, and looks as beautiful as ever. Her reactions were much stronger this time around, and shouldn’t be missed.

There are a number of highlights from this session, including many freeze scenes where she becomes frozen like a statue when triggered, often being given her suggestions this way. There were a lot of instant sleeps as well, using different triggers, and even having her use those triggers herself. We also explored some pleasure suggestions, showing her the benefits of hypnotic suggestion. However, our personal highlight was seeing her transform into a cat, as she had struggled with these transformations in the past.

Ally is quickly becoming one of our favorite subjects to work with, and this visit comes highly recommended.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
She becomes frozen like a statue when triggered
She is moved and posed while she remains frozen
She completely forgets the number four
She drops into a sleep when she hears a special word
She hears this trigger word repeatedly
She puts herself into an instant sleep repeatedly
She opens her eyes while in a trance and triggers herself deeper
She stands up while still in a trance
Her mind becomes blank while her temples are held
She drops into an instant sleep when shot with the “hypno gun”
She becomes a robot when triggered
She talks about how she feels while she is a robot
She removes her socks as a robot
She is powered off as a robot
Her mind is replaced with that of a cats
Her feet become very sensitive to her own touch
Her lips become sensitive to her touch instead
She experiences a pleasurable handshake to end the session

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