Ariana Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature a spectacular new volunteer in Ariana, who was being hypnotized for the first time. She was an excellent subject, following our hypnotic induction into a deep trance and providing some of the strongest reactions we’ve ever seen in one of our hypnosis sessions. She would go from a quiet confusion as she tries to piece together her experience to a surprising intensity as she jumps up and salutes the camera automatically, or begins to flap her arms and bob about as a chicken. It was a powerful show of hypnosis that comes highly recommended.

Since she was such a good subject this is a session that comes packed with content and memorable moments. There are a number of freeze scenes where she’s frozen like a statue and moved or posed, often being given her new suggestions this way. She acts and thinks like both a cat and chicken repeatedly. For the first time in one of our sessions we have her become rigid and stretch her between two chairs. When she responds to a suggestion she thought the audience would like to see, she provides some pretty shocking poses for the camera. This is only to highlight a few moments from one of our best sessions yet.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
Frozen whenever she hears a trigger word
She is repeatedly frozen and posed
She is given new suggestions while she remains frozen
She forgets her name and a number
Her hands become stuck to any surface they touch
Her hands become stuck to her face
She repeats the phrase I am deeply hypnotized
whenever she’s asked how she feels
She becomes stuck in a loop whenever triggered
She falls asleep whenever shot with the “hypno gun”
She shoots herself with the “hypno gun”
Her mind becomes blank as her temples are touched
She acts like a cat whenever she is triggered
She acts like a chicken whenever triggered
She stands up and salutes the camera
whenever she hears a trigger word
She becomes mesmerized by a pocket watch
She is hypnotized again by the pocket watch
She opens her eyes while remaining in trance
She becomes a robot whenever triggered
She is powered on and off as a robot
She begins to dance automatically
when she hears music playing
She becomes completely rigid as a robot
She is stretched between two chairs
She falls in love with anything that is
shot by cupids arrows
She falls in love with her hand, feet and pillow
She follows a suggestion she thinks the audience
would want her to respond to
She ends up doing some sexy poses for the camera
Her hand becomes a snake that can hypnotize her
She is hypnotized to become a snake as well
She is hypnotized again as a snake
She experiences a pleasurable handshake
She gives a short interview to end the session

Price: $19.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.83gb
Length: 2hr23m

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