Ariana Hypnotized – Second Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature Ariana, who was returning for her second visit. It was quickly apparent in her first session that she’s a talented subject, and she didn’t disappoint in her return, providing not only the surprising reactions we typically see, but also showcasing the sensual side of the hypnotic experience.

There are a number of highlights in this content packed session, as we explore all kinds of different themes. She experiences the hypnotic freeze, becoming frozen like a statue repeatedly through the visit, often being given new suggestions while in this state. She transforms into various animals throughout, including a cat, a puppy, a chicken, and even a monkey. She believes she’s a ballerina, and dances automatically whenever she hears pop music. She experiences the pleasure gun, experiencing a wave of pleasure each time she is shot, but also found she couldn’t stop shooting herself whenever she held the gun herself. We also end the session with a blitz of suggestions that she experiences rapidly.

This was another great session with a very memorable subject in Ariana, and comes highly recommended.

Technical note: There was background noise in her first visit video, but we’ve adjusted that in editing so it’s not nearly as prevalent here.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and reinduction
  • She becomes frozen like a statue whenever she hears a special trigger word
  • She is repeatedly frozen and moved or posed
  • She is given new suggestions to follow while she is frozen
  • Her bra and underwear become itchy whenever she hears a snap
  • Instead of itching she feels a pleasurable sensation whenever she hears a snap
  • She becomes fixated on a pocket watch as she’s hypnotized again
  • She finds herself automatically saying the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” anytime she’s asked how she feels
  • She begins to freeze randomly for only a few seconds
  • Her hands are slowly pulled towards the roof each time she hears a snap
  • She feels as if someone is tickling her while her hands remain hypnotically bound to the roof
  • She is hypnotized again while she remains hypnotically bound to the roof
  • Her body becomes completely rigid
  • She is moved and lifted while she remains completely rigid
  • She becomes mesmerized by her own image in the mirror and can’t look away
  • She poses for herself in the mirror
  • Her mind is slowly drained into the camera lens
  • She believes she’s a robot whenever she hears a special trigger word
  • She believes she is various animals including a cat, a puppy, a fish, and a monkey
  • She believes she’s a ballerina and does a short dance
  • She begins to dance automatically when she hears music
  • She becomes a mannequin posing for the camera
  • She holds a pocket watch in her hand and hypnotizes herself
  • Her mind slows and she giggles each time she is shot with a toy gun
  • She finds whenever she holds the toy gun she can’t help from shooting herself over and over again
  • She finds the toy give gives her a jolt of pleasure each time she is shot instead and still finds she can’t stop shooting herself
  • When asked how she feels she begins to repeat the phrase “I am being hypnotized” as she slowly falls into trance
  • She believes she is both a puppy and a chicken
  • She experiences a building pleasure each time she hears a snap
  • As she shakes the hypnotists hand that pleasure grows much stronger as it continues to build
  • Whenever her hand is released the pleasure releases with it
  • She believes the session is finished but she falls asleep as she is putting her boots on and is given some new suggestions
  • She still feels the same pleasure when she shakes the hypnotists hand but now she finds her hand is glued and stuck to the hypnotists
  • The pleasure builds as she tries to get it free
  • She suddenly believes she is a puppy again
  • She begins to dance slowly without music
  • She is hypnotized again to end the session

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Length: 2hr33m

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