Jayne Hypnotized – Halloween Special

In this hypnosis session Jayne returns for our first ever Halloween special. Not only did we dress her up in a number of costumes, but we explored all kinds of Halloween themed suggestions with one of our best subjects.

This is a very content filled release right from the start. Instead of performing a normal relaxed induction on the couch, we surprised her with an instant induction as she arrived for the session. She wears several costumes during her visit, including cat, dog, and bunny costumes that have her transforming into the very animals she’s dressed as. She believes she’s both a playboy bunny while dressed as one, and a popular singer. She becomes a mindless zombie rising from the dead. She even wears a full magicians outfit including pantyhose, and completely forgets she’s been hypnotized, only to find many of our suggestions still work on her.

That’s only to highlight a few scenes from a truly content packed hypnosis session, and comes highly recommended for old and new fans alike.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Surprise instant induction to start the session
  • Full induction and reinduction follows
  • She becomes frozen when she hears a trigger word
  • She is moved or posed while she remains frozen
  • She repeats the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized”
    whenever she is asked how she feels
  • She isn’t sure why she keeps saying it
  • She instantly falls asleep whenever she is shot
    with the “hypno gun”
  • She finds she can’t help shooting herself whenever
    she is holding the gun
  • She is hypnotized again with an instant induction
  • She changes (off-screen) into a red one piece
  • She puts on a cat costume and slowly begins to
    transform into a cat herself
  • She returns to her normal self and is triggered
    again to believe she is a cat repeatedly
  • She changes into a dog costume and begins to
    transform into a dog
  • She is repeatedly triggered to return to her
    normal self and then a dog again
  • She attempts to resist the dog trigger but
    still finds herself becoming a dog again
  • She puts on a bunny outfit and slowly transforms
    into a bunny
  • She is returned to her normal state and triggered
    to become a bunny several times
  • She believes she’s a playboy bunny and does a few
    poses for the camera
  • She becomes a zombie rising from the dead
  • She can’t speak but only grunts as zombie
    Whenever she is shot with the toy gun she falls
    only to rise again as a zombie
  • Her mind is removed while she is a zombie and replaced
    with a cliched airhead
  • Her IQ drops anytime she is shot with the toy gun
  • She finds she can’t stop shooting herself anytime she
    is holding the gun
  • The toy gun gives off pleasure anywhere she is shot
  • She finds she can’t stop shooting herself again
  • She believes she is a popular female celebrity
    and dances anytime she hears their music
  • She believes she’s transforming into a werewolf
  • She believe she goes off-screen to change into the
    next outfit but instead comes out wearing her bra
    and panties over the one piece and doesn’t notice
  • She realizes what she is wearing and changes into a
    magicians assistant outfit
  • She puts her pantyhose on while she is on-screen
  • She is hypnotized with the pocket watch
  • She believes she’s there to work as a magicians
    assistant and no longer believes in hypnosis,
    doesn’t remember ever being hypnotized
  • She instantly falls asleep anytime she smells a
    bouquet of flowers
  • She finds the flowers make her giggle instead whenever
    she smells them
  • She feels as if her hands out bound the roof and a
    rope is pulling them upwards until she is standing
  • She is physically tickled while her hands are stuck
  • She can’t resist the pocket watch and is hypnotized
    while her hands remain stuck
  • She opens her eyes and stands up while she remains
    in a trance and repeats her trigger words
  • She finds the hypnotist’s handshake is orgasmic
    and her hand is stuck to end the session

Price: $19.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.73gb
Length: 1hr54m

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