Chanel Hypnotized – First Visit – Remastered

In this hypnosis session we feature Chanel, who was being hypnotized for the very first time. This was the second ever hypnosis session we ever filmed for Hypnosis On Display as well. It proved to be a special visit with Chanel turning out to be one of the best subjects we would work with. She responded to all of our suggestions extremely well and provided some of the most memorable reactions yet.

There were a number of suggestions explored in this hypnosis session, and they all got strong reaction out of Chanel. Shes repeatedly frozen, moved or posed while left in this state. She provided a great chicken transformation, triggered by a special phrase to think and act like a chicken. She becomes completely mesmerized by the camera lens, and the longer she watches it the more mesmerized she becomes. This is only to name a few highlights from one of our favorite hypnosis sessions, and you can see the full list of suggestions explored below.

Technical Note: This remaster includes entirely new editing. Since this session was my second ever, the original quality wasn’t too great, but the new editing cleans things up quite a bit. It also includes improved audio. The original video included a dead pixel or small bright dot as well, and I’ve attempted to cover that up by blurring a few pixels instead, which is much less noticeable than the dot.

Full list of suggestions:

    • Full hypnotic induction and reinduction
    • Her hand rises in the air during trance
    • She wakes up with her hand still raised and she can’t put it down
    • She becomes stuck to the couch and can’t stand up
    • She completely forgets the number four
    • She can’t say the number four whenever she tries
    • She becomes completely frozen whenever she hears a trigger word
    • She is moved or posed while she remains completely frozen
    • She becomes frozen slowly, starting from her toes she slowly freezes as it moves up to her head
    • She repeats the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” and slowly goes back into trance
    • She forgets she’s been hypnotized but when she’s asked how she feels she says the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” and goes back into trance
    • She is frozen again whenever she hears the word freeze
    • Her mind becomes clear and blank whenever she hears a trigger word
    • She becomes frozen while posing for the camera
    • She is moved and posed while she remains completely frozen
    • Her mind becomes blank and clear repeatedly, as she’s asked what she’s experiencing
    • When she hears the word blank her body slowly drains of energy
    • She finds herself mesmerized by the camera, the longer she watches it the more she feels her mind quiet
    • Her body becomes rigid and stretched straight while she remains in trance
    • Whenever she hears a trigger word while awake she becomes rigid again
    • She becomes a chicken whenever she hears a trigger, thinking and acting like a chicken
    • She experiences a pleasurable handshake, the longer she shakes the hand of the hypnotist the more pleasure she experiences

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Length: 2hr6m

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