Sophie Hypnotized – Fourth Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature Sophie, who was returning for her fourth visit. If you’ve seen any of Sophie’s previous sessions, you’ll know she’s an excellent hypnotic subject, which proved true once again here.

There are a number of highlights and interesting suggestions used throughout this session, as it’s one of our longest yet. While we hit on a large amount of classic suggestions, we managed to introduce some new ones into this session, and tried to create a more personalized experience for Sophie. I think you can see that throughout as she responds much stronger to the experience than previous visits.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full induction and reinduction
  • She is hypnotized by a pocket watch several times
  • She is given a trigger that has her freeze like a statue whenever she hears the word freeze
  • She is frozen while in trance and posed
  • When she hears a snap she counts herself into a hypnotic sleep
  • She becomes a mechanical robot with a power button directly located on her forehead
  • She is given a pink collar to wear and becomes a cat
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She become a mindless zombie
  • She notices the collar again but finds she can’t take it off, and finds she feels tickled anytime she tries
  • She tries to take off the collar again but this time finds it still won’t come off and gives off pleasure
  • Repeats herself like a parrot anytime she tries to speak
  • Her mouth and tongue feel numb and swollen
  • Her mouth and tongue feel sensitive and pleasurable instead
  • Her IQ drops whenever she is shot with a toy gun
  • She falls in love with anything the hypnotist touches
  • Her body is controlled entirely by the hypnotist
  • She dances while she is a robot
  • She experiences an incredible pleasure while in trance
  • She has a pleasure centre that can be moved from her nose, elbow, knee, and foot
  • Her breasts have a mind of their own and slowly take over her body
  • Her hand becomes a snake that can hypnotize and mesmerize her
  • Her hand hypnotizes her to dance
  • She experiences a pleasurable handshake from the hypnotist
  • After the session she becomes a chicken anytime she attempts to put on her shoes

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Length: 2hr58m

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