Montana Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature Montana, who was being hypnotized for the first time. She was being considered for a role in our live show, so we decided to do a session to see what kind of hypnotic subject she was. As it turned out, she was an incredible hypnotic subject. She was also a bit shy, making her stronger reactions quite powerful to see. This was our first ever session shot entirely outside as well.

Montana provided some incredible reactions to our suggestions, especially the animal transformations. Her transformation into a mechanical robot was also very notable, with one memorable robotic voice. This was one of the longest sessions we’ve filmed, and there was a lot of content packed into this video.

There is some editing on this release compared to some of our full session videos. The session went on so long we had numerous cameras and mics die, and it was a challenge shooting outside for the first time.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions used:

  • Full induction followed by several reinductions
  • Her eyes become glued together while in trance
  • Her hand lifts into the air while she remains in trance and imagines balloons tied to her wrist
  • She wakes up while her hand is still stuck in the air
  • She speaks while in trance, repeating her own trigger word to go deeper
  • She becomes frozen whenever she hears the trigger word freeze, becoming completely stuck in place like a statue.
  • She is frozen while in trance and posed
  • She is repeatedly frozen and posed
  • She forgets her name and the number four
  • Her mouth and tongue become numb and feel swollen
  • She transforms into a cat, thinking and acting like a cat
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She walks around the park with her arms extended as a robot
  • She changes from a robot to a chicken
  • She dances as a robot
  • She becomes a chicken again and wanders the park
  • She becomes a puppy
  • She kicks off her shoes and socks while a puppy
  • She plays with her sock as a puppy
  • She becomes a ballerina
  • She becomes a mindless zombie and walks the park
  • She tries to speak as a mindless zombie
  • She feels intoxicated after drinking her water
  • She experiences a pleasurable handshale while in trance
  • Whenever she’s shot with the pleasure gun, she experiences a jolt a pleasure
  • She dances while awake
  • She becomes a tree in the park
  • She becomes a chicken again
  • Whenever she’s shot with the pleasure gun she still feels pleasure, but her IQ also lowers
  • She forgets being hypnotized and sits out on a public bench when she receives a text message that triggers her to become a chicken again
  • Pleasurable handshake to end the session

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Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.88gb
Length: 2hr44m

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