Jayne Hypnotized – Compilation Video

Jayne is not just one of the best subjects we’ve worked with over the years, but she was open to just about any suggestion we could throw at her. We experimented with some of the craziest suggestions us and the viewers could come up with over almost a dozen hypnosis sessions.

This is a compilation of some of the best and craziest moments we filmed with jayne, with over an hour of hypnosis suggestions and reactions. She provided some of the best reactions we’ve captured and really showcases the power of hypnotic suggestion.

Full list of suggestions:

  • She becomes a mindless zombie
  • She becomes a stereotypical airhead
  • She experiences the stupid gun, as her IQ drops each time she is shot with the toy gun
  • She finds the stupid gun gives her a jolt of pleasure each time she is shot
  • She becomes a chicken for the very first time
  • She becomes a mechanical robot and follows some simple commands
  • She becomes a werewolf
  • When she tries to switch outfits (off-screen) during our Halloween special, it’s suggested she comes out in the same outfit again but with her bra and underwear worn on the outside of her one piece.
  • Jayne and her are hypnotized to become frozen in place anytime they hear a trigger word
  • They find this trigger word works on each other, and they begin to freeze and pose each other
  • Whenever a hand passes across their eyes, their entire body goes limp
  • Jayne feels a pleasurable sensation from her seat during our car ride hypnosis session
  • She is frozen and posed in her seat during the ride
  • Her tongue stops working but she doesn’t notice as she explains her experiences during the car ride
  • She becomes a dog and looks out the window during the car ride
  • She becomes a chicken during the car ride
  • She becomes a robot during the car ride
  • She feints or drops into an instant sleep anytime she hears a snap during the car ride
  • She thinks her hand is a snake with a mind of its own, but this snake can also hypnotize her
  • She becomes a snake herself
  • She begins to suck her thumb when she hears a snap and feels a pleasurable sensation, but catches herself after a moment
  • The more she hears the snaps, the harder it becomes to catch herself doing it
  • She goes to the washroom to apply lipstick but becomes mesmerized while looking into the mirror and can’t stop applying layer after layer
  • When she comes back after being snapped out of it, she doesn’t notice the extra lipstick
  • While holding the lipstick in her hand and in a trance, she is told to draw on her face
  • She is snapped out of trance and experiences a pleasurable handshake
  • She is hypnotized again while looking at a candle
  • She responds as she sees her makeup in a mirror

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