Elizabeth Hypnotized – Third Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature Elizabeth, who was being hypnotized for the third time for our series. She has been one of the wildest subjects we’ve worked with and proved true once again as she provided one entertaining hypnosis session and potentially her best yet.

Since we knew Elizabeth is such an animated subject we prepared some very unique suggestions for this session, with many being used for the first time. This includes becoming the hypnotist’s puppet, sexual Tourette’s, and switching between thinking she’s a prudish librarian and a cliche airhead. There was a great scene where we explored some different freeze suggestions. We did a short scene outside, having her become a chicken and a cow on an actual farm.

We ended our session with a new idea as well, having her completely forget she’s been hypnotized after she’s left and sits down in her car. She comes back to our scene having forgotten being hypnotized at all, and we start our session from the start. As she leaves for the second time, she finds herself becoming a chicken as she puts on her jacket.

Overall it was another incredible session and perhaps Elizabeth’s best hypnosis session yet.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and deepening
  • She’s hypnotized while focused on a pocket watch
  • She becomes frozen in place like a statue anytime she hears the word freeze
  • She’s frozen while in trance and her hand is posed
  • She is frozen while awake and posed several times
  • She becomes frozen slowly, starting from her toes and moving up to her head
  • She becomes frozen randomly for short periods of time
  • She feints anytime she’s shot with a toy gun
  • She feels as if her brain has been scrambled for a short period of time anytime she’s shot with the toy gun
  • She finds she has sexual Tourette’s, randomly blurting our sexual words and phrases
  • She becomes the hypnotist’s puppet, repeating whatever the hypnotist says when he moves his hands
  • She repeats the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” while in trance as a mantra, taking herself deeper into trance each time she says it
  • She wakes up but continues to repeat her mantra
  • She becomes Elizabethbot, a mechanical robot
  • She puts on a collar and transforms into a cat
  • She plays with a cat toy while she remains a cat
  • She becomes a cute bunny rabbit while wearing a bunny costume
  • She becomes a playboy bunny instead while still wearing the bunny costume
  • She stands up while in trance and becomes completely rigid
  • When wearing a large pair of glasses she becomes Matilda, a prudish librarian, but when she takes them off she becomes Trish the airhead
  • She is taken outside while she remains a robot
  • She becomes a cheerleader while outside and does some cheers for the camera
  • She posed and becomes a statue outside
  • She becomes a chicken while she’s outside
  • She becomes a cow while she’s outside
  • She begins to suck her thumb, but as she does she becomes younger and younger as she regresses in age
  • She experiences a jolt of pleasure anytime she’s shot with a toy gun, but also finds herself falling in love with everyone in the room
  • She experiences a hypnotic orgasm while she’s in trance
  • She experiences a pleasurable handshake
  • She is given the suggestion that before leaving when she sits down in her car she’ll suddenly completely forget being hypnotized and come back as if she’s arriving for the first time that day to be hypnotized
  • She becomes mesmerized by a spiral on the TV when she comes back and is slowly hypnotized
  • When she wakes up she believes her hand is a snake and that snake charms and mesmerizes her into dancing
  • She becomes a chicken over and over again as she prepares to leave to end the session

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