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Michelle Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis we feature a brand new subject in Michelle, who was being hypnotized for the very first time. This turned out to be one of the most intense and unpredictable hypnosis sessions we’ve yet to film.

Michelle struggled a little bit at the beginning of our session, but managed to go very deep into a hypnotic state after some trance work. In fact, she went so deep so quickly it caused some confusion as she was convinced it wasn’t working for her, while she was still responding to all the suggestions we gave her. About half way through our session she offered to call it quits thinking she wasn’t hypnotized, but as we show her and explain to her she was definitely hypnotized, which you can see for yourself.

She offered some incredible reactions in this session, including several transformations as she thinks she’s a few different animals and even a robot. She also provided an especially strong reaction to our pleasurable handshake and pleasure suggestions. This session is filled with classic eye-rolls as well as she shows just how deep she managed to go here. However, it’s seeing her progress through hypnosis and through our suggestions that is the true highlight and provides one powerful display of hypnosis.

For hypnotists looking for ways to deal with difficult subjects, this is a great session to study.

We struggled with audio in this session, as an air conditioner in the room hurt our audio quite a bit. I managed to clean up the quality though and everything is very audible, with some minor background noise.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions used:

  • Full hypnotic induction and several reinductions
  • While in trance it’s suggested her eyes are glued together and she tries to open them
  • She becomes frozen in place like a statue whenever she hears the trigger word FREEZE
  • While in trance she is frozen for the first time and her arms are posed
  • She is woken up while her arm is still frozen
  • She is frozen again and posed
  • She says a trigger word while in trance to help her go deeper
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She changes from a robot to a chicken
  • Breaking from her state as a chicken
  • We discuss what she’s experiencing and she’s hypnotized again
  • She is hypnotized while focused on a pocket watch
  • She says the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” while she is in trance
  • She is asked some simple questions about how she feels while in trance
  • During a battery change, she remains frozen and posed while repeating the word sleep to deepen her trance
  • She forgets the number four
  • Whenever she is shot with a toy gun she drops into an instant sleep
  • Her lips and mouth feel pleasurable to the touch and she explores this while in trance
  • She breaks from trance and we have a short discussion off camera about what she’s experiencing
  • While our discussion is off camera, you can hear the audio as we find out she’s convinced that the hypnosis isn’t working on her and that she isn’t hypnotized
  • She agrees to be hypnotized again and she’s put back into trance immediately with the toy gun
  • We wake her up and have another discussion with her as she remembers everything that has happened up to that point
  • When asked how long she felt we had been filming, she says about a half an hour (we were over the two hour point)
  • She is frozen again and hypnotized while completely frozen
  • She slowly transforms into a chicken while in trance
  • She becomes frozen very slowly whenever she hears a special trigger word
  • She becomes a mechanical robot again, but this time her reaction is much more pronounced
  • She dances as a mechanical robot
  • She becomes a ballerina
  • She becomes a cute puppy
  • She experiences a pleasurable handshake while in trance that wakes her completely
  • She feels a wave of pleasure each time she is shot with a toy gun
  • She receives the pleasurable handshake to end the hypnosis session

Price: $19.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.87gb
Length: 2hr38m

You will be emailed a download link or can download the video directly from the site once your purchase is complete.

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Ariana Hypnotized – First Visit Remastered

This is the completely remastered version of Ariana’s very first hypnosis session.┬áIt was without a doubt one of the best sessions we filmed, with one of the best subjects we’ve worked with. The original release was unfortunately marred by audio issues that really held the video back, but with some upgraded hardware I was able to almost completely fix this issue, and recapture the magic of Ariana’s very first hypnosis session with us.

Ariana quickly proved to be a talented subject, and provided some great reactions to all of the suggestions we tried with her, and there were a lot in this session. Her mental transformations were especially interesting, including her thinking like a cat, chicken, and even a robot. She was also one of the most sensual subjects we’ve worked with, and you really see that in a scene where she poses for the camera, moved by our hypnotic suggestion.

This remastered version comes with greatly improved audio, but also better video quality and editing.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and several reinductions
  • She becomes frozen solid anytime she hears the trigger word freeze
  • While frozen she is moved or posed, and remains completely frozen in place
  • She forgets her name and the number four
  • Her hands become stuck to any surface they touch
  • Her mouth and tongue feel numb and swollen
  • Her mouth and tongue still feel numb but she doesn’t notice anymore
  • She finds herself automatically saying the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” anytime she’s asked how she feels or how she’s doing
  • While in trance she says a special trigger word to help bring herself deeper
  • When she hears a trigger word she becomes stuck in a loop, repeating her last few seconds over and over again
  • She feints or falls asleep for a short time whenever she is shot with the “hypno gun”
  • She shoots herself with the “hypno gun” several times, including while she is standing
  • She begins to think and act like a cat whenever she hears a trigger word
  • She thinks and acts like a chicken whenever she hears a trigger word
  • When she hears a snap she stands up and salutes the camera, but doesn’t know why she is doing this
  • She becomes mesmerized by a pocket watch and is slowly hypnotized while focused on it
  • She becomes a mechanical robot whenever she hears a trigger word
  • She follows some simple commands while she’s a robot
  • She begins to dance when she hears music played
  • She becomes completely rigid like a steel beam
  • She is stretched out between two chairs while she remains completely rigid
  • She becomes intoxicated while drinking a normal glass of water
  • She falls in love with any object the hypnotist points at
  • She becomes mesmerized by the camera lens and can’t look away
  • It’s suggested she follows a suggestion she thinks the audience would want to see
  • It’s suggested she pose for the camera
  • She believes her hand is a snake, and that hand slowly hypnotizes her
  • She eventually believes she’s a snake herself
  • She’s hypnotized while still believing she’s a snake
  • She receives a pleasurable handshake to end the session

Price: $19.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 1.84gb
Length: 2hr20m

You will be emailed a download link or can download the video directly from the site once your purchase is complete.