Dre Hypnotized – First Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Dre, someone you might actually recognize from TV. We decided to do something a little different with this hypnosis session and instead of exploring a number of different suggestions, we focused on having Dre become a robot.

As someone typically very composed and careful how she looks on camera, becoming Drebot allowed her to really step out of her own skin for a little while, and she talks quite a bit about how much of a relief that transformation was. It’s very interested to watch as she absorbs these changes throughout the session, as she responds to a number of different commands and suggestions as Drebot, like becoming paused, muted, put in slow motion, and powered off. She even becomes both a cat and a mindless zombie. Throughout the session she remains a robot, exploring this personal transformation over the course of the hour and forty minute hypnosis session.

For those who find Dre looks familiar, you might recognize her from the TV show Pretty Little Liars. This was also technically our second hypnosis session, as we did a short preliminary session before (which I’ll likely release in some form in the future), but this was her first proper hypnosis experience for the series.

Technical note: The entire hypnosis session was done online over video chat.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Pre-session chat about her previous hypnosis session and what to expect during this one
  • Full hypnotic induction and deepening
  • While in trance she imagines herself as a robot and allows herself to become that robot
  • The name of her robotic self is Drebot, and she repeats her name several times while still in trance
  • She wakes up as Drebot and answers some questions about how she is feeling
  • She repeats her name with her hands outstretched
  • She is hypnotized again and becomes Drebot even further
  • She is given some simple commands to follow as Drebot, including pause, slow motion, mute, and record
  • She experiences each command while she is still in trance, and then we explore them while she’s awake as Drebot
  • She pauses herself with the command
  • She’s paused several times while in conversation
  • While responding to the record command, she’s given a new command to follow where she’ll power off as Drebot whenever she hears the word off
  • She is turned off with her command and when turned back on she becomes a cat
  • She is turned off again with her command and when turned back on she becomes a mindless zombie
  • As a zombie she holds her hands outstretched infront of her and repeats the mantra “I am empty”
  • She is turned off and slowly brought back into trance
  • We end the session with a chat about her experience during the session

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    Length: 1hr40m

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