Fiona Hypnotized – Second Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session we feature Fiona, who was returning and being hypnotized for the second time. She was one of the best hypnotic subjects we’ve worked with in her first session, so we were very excited to work with her again and explore another hypnotic trance. We prepared a deep and entertaining list of suggestions, and as expected Fiona provided another incredible hypnosis session, quickly becoming one of our favorite volunteers for good reason.

There are a number of very memorable scenes and reactions throughout this session, involving classic suggestions and a lot of classic eye-rolls while she goes into trance. She becomes various animals like a chicken, a cat, a puppy, even a monkey. She experiences her hand becoming a snake that can hypnotize her, finding herself becoming a snake as well and trying to hypnotize the audience. In one of the most intense scenes we’ve recorded in a hypnosis session, we create a deep hypnotic loop for Fiona, where she repeats “I am deeply hypnotized” and waves to the audience, before suddenly fainting. When she wakes up, she automatically repeats the loop over and over in a very powerful demonstration of hypnotic suggestions. This is only a few highlights from one of our best hypnosis sessions yet.

Technical note: This hypnosis session was conducted entirely online over video chat

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • She experiences a full hypnotic induction
  • She’s taken deeper into a hypnotic trance
  • She experiences a hypnotic freeze while in trance, becoming frozen in place like a statue
  • She’s given a trigger word that has her become frozen even while she’s awake
  • She woken up and frozen a few different times with a special word
  • While frozen she can be given new suggestions to follow much like a hypnotic trance
  • We experiment with this by having her forget the number four while she’s frozen
  • She is frozen again and this time it’s suggested her tongue slowly stops working and she struggles to speak properly as she tries to count
  • She becomes frozen very slowly instead, from her toes up to her head she finds herself slowly frozen in place
  • She then becomes frozen completely randomly for short periods of time
  • She’s given the suggestion that she can easily transform into different animals, thinking and acting like any animal suggested through a special trigger phrase
  • She starts by becoming a cat
  • She then becomes a puppy
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She lays an egg as a chicken
  • She becomes a fish
  • She becomes a monkey
  • She becomes a cat again and she’s hypnotized while she’s a cat
  • She becomes both a chicken and a cat again
  • She becomes a mindless zombie
  • She faints or falls into an instant sleep when shot with the “Hypno Gun”
  • She also finds the gun can be switched so her IQ drops when she’s shot as well
  • She becomes Trish, who it’s suggested is Miss America, who finds herself posing for the audience anytime she hears a snap
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She dances as a robot
  • Her hand becomes a snake that can hypnotize her
  • It hypnotizes her to dance, charmed by it’s hypnotic presence
  • It hypnotizes her into becoming a snake as well
  • As a snake she tries to hypnotize the audience
  • She becomes stuck in a deep hypnotic loop, repeating the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized’ and waving to the audience before suddenly fainting. She repeats this loop over and over again
  • She is slowly hypnotized while still stuck in the loop
  • She experiences hypnotic pleasure while in trance, a pleasure created in her mind
  • She experiences this pleasure again while she’s awake each time she hears a snap, as it builds in her body
  • She is counted down as she releases that pleasure through a hypnotic orgasm
  • Her hand becomes a snake once again that hypnotizes her into a deep hypnotic trance
  • She becomes a chicken very slowly during our closing chat
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