Vanessa Hypnotized – First Hypnosis Session

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Vanessa, a fan of the series who wanted to experience it herself. She had tried previously to be hypnotized but it had never been successful, but with a little time deepening her trance we had her deeply hypnotized before long, responding to our all suggestions extremely well.

Since Vanessa is a challenging hypnotic subject, I’ve left the hypnotic induction and trance deepening unaltered so that other hypnotists interested in learning how to deal with a difficult subject can use this session as an example.

It’s one of the most powerful displays of hypnosis we’ve captured as Vanessa slowly becomes more and more hypnotized, becoming very zoned out and suggestible. While completely mesmerized she struggles to even speak at times. She provides some great eye-rolls throughout the session, especially during the hypnotic loop. She also experiences several hypnotic transformations, becoming a cat and a chicken.

Technical note: The session was conducted entirely online over video chat.

Full list of hypnotic suggestions:

  • Hypnotic induction and trance deepening
  • It’s suggested a light on her laptop will mesmerize and entrance her
  • She becomes a mechanical robot
  • She repeats the phrase “I am a robot” over and over again as she experiences this change in a deeper way
  • When she hears a snap her eyes roll up as she powers down
  • She is paused, put in slow motion, her language is changed to gibberish, and she’s powered down
  • She dances as a robot but finds her power slowly running out
  • She becomes a cat
  • She becomes a chicken
  • She lays several eggs as a chicken and finds it quite pleasurable
  • Her hand becomes a snake with a mind of its own, and this snake can easily hypnotize her
  • The snake hypnotizes her to follow a suggestion she thinks the audience wants to see
  • She becomes stuck in a hypnotic loop, smiling at the camera and saying “I am deeply hypnotized” before fainting. She goes around the loop again and again

Price: $14.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 1.51gb
Length: 2hr06m