Rachel Hypnotized – July 2016 – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Rachel. She was very skeptical about hypnosis having failed to enter trance in the past by a stage hypnotist, but she ended up being easily the best subject I’ve worked with yet. She was extremely suggestible, and took to all the suggestions given to her perfectly. This shoot comes highly recommended. This is also one of my longer shoots, with most suggestions being reused at least a few times.

Highlights include a number of animal transformations that are easily the best I’ve filmed so far, with her completely believing she is is both a puppy and chicken. When she would return to her normal state on the ground, she had no memory of her time as these animals, thinking I had her doing exercises on the floor. There was also some great freeze scenes, some fun mouth play scenes, and a great scene where she tries to resist the pocket watch but cannot, involving some good natural eye rolling. She is wearing stockings through the shoot, and her feet in stockings are visible through the later half of the shoot as well.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
Forgets name and number
Shoulder touch blanks her mind
Becomes frozen when triggered
She is posed while frozen
Repeats phrase when triggered
Becomes a robot when triggered
Believes she’s a puppy when triggered
Believes she’s a chicken when triggered
Becomes limp from handswipe
Falls in love with the hypnotist
Feels her IQ drop while in love
Her feet become very itchy
She removes her shoes to itch them
Tries to resist the pocket watch but can’t
Her mouth and tongue feel swollen and numb
Her body becomes rigid when triggered
She becomes rigid and stretched out on the bed
Mouth becomes sensitive and pleasurable
Sucking her thumb causes her age to regress

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Length: 111 minutes

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