Emma Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature the very cute Emma, who was experiencing hypnosis for the first time. She turned out to be an excellent subject, easily one of the best we’ve worked with, and as you can see in the video she was quite surprised by this. Being a bit shy, it was impressive to see her respond so strongly to just about every suggestion we threw at her. This is another session that comes highly recommended.

Since she was so responsive to just about all of our suggestions, there are a lot of highlights and great scenes in this video. The animal transformations were especially good since she fell into those roles so deeply, and stand out as some of the best we’ve captured. Thinking she’s a small puppy, she begins to wrestle with one of her own socks, not wanting to give it up to the hypnotist, providing one of our favourite scenes ever. There are a lot of freeze scenes where she’s given suggestions or posed, some great snap to sleep moments, and the classic pleasurable handshake to end the shoot.

Full list of suggestions:

Full induction and reinduction
She is frozen like a statue when triggered
She is moved and posed while she is frozen
She forgets her name and a number
She is triggered to say the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized”
She doesn’t know why she is saying it but still repeats it
Her hands become stuck to any surface they are touched
Her hands are placed in different positions
She is mesmerized by a pocket watch
She is returned to trance watching the pocket watch
Her mouth and tongue feel swollen and numb
She faints or falls asleep instantly when she hears a snap
The camera lens slowly drains her mind
She barks like a puppy whenever triggered
Her hand has a mind of its own
She is hypnotized by her own hand
She repeats her own trigger while in trance
She becomes a cat whenever triggered
She becomes a puppy whenever triggered
She feels intoxicated when she drinks her water
Her IQ drops whenever she hears a snap
She tries but finds she cannot resist the pocket watch
Her mind is drained from the camera lens again
Her socks smell pleasant and she takes them out
She becomes a puppy when triggered again
She chews and wrestles with her sock while a puppy
She becomes a chicken when triggered
She becomes a robot when triggered
She says yes master when given a command
She experiences a pleasurable handshake
She remembers the session when triggered

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