Jayne Hypnotized: The Car Ride

In this hypnosis session we feature Jayne in a very unique clip, as she’s hypnotized and given a number of suggestions during a car ride following her seventh visit. It made for a very memorable shoot, and one that comes highly recommended.

Since I had already spent so much time deepening her trance during the seventh visit, she was able to drop right back into trance with a simple trigger word. From there we jump right into some of our favorite suggestions, and she responds to each one perfectly. She’s made to think she’s a puppy several times throughout the car ride, staring out the window in fascination. She’s frozen like a statue and posed, given most of her suggestions while in this state. She experiences the vibrating car seat, which gets stronger each time she hears the snap of fingers. She’s also made to think she’s a robot, following commands and repeating mantras, ending the session with her returning to the studio in this state.

Full list of suggestions:

She returns to trance in the car with a trigger word
She becomes frozen like a statue whenever triggered
She is posed and moved while she is frozen
She is triggered to believe she’s a dog throughout the drive
She believes she’s a cat when triggered
She becomes a robot when triggered
She repeats mantras while she is a robot
It feels like the car seat is vibrating when she hears a snap
She finds her tongue is no longer working properly
She believes she’s a chicken when triggered
She faints or drops into an instant sleep when she hears a snap
She returns to the studio as a robot
She doesn’t remember the walk back when she wakes up

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Length: 19m

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