Kat & Kat Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature two roommates who share the first name Kat. They were both being hypnotized for the first time, and were difficult subjects to start, requiring a little extra time getting them used to hypnosis. However, both girls eventually turned out to be fantastic subjects, and it’s a powerful experience watching their progression into those deeper levels of the hypnotic trance. There were a number of different suggestions explored in this session as well, some explored individually and others the girls experienced together.

There is a lot of instant inductions involved in this session, as the girls get used to being hypnotized. There were also a lot of freeze scenes, where they are made to feel completely stuck in place like a statue. Often one girl is frozen, while another is hypnotized or given new suggestions to follow, and includes some of the longest freezes we’ve filmed. There are also some incredible transformations explored in this one, as both girls are hypnotized to think and act like both a robot and a cat, and one of the girls offered our favorite robot interpretations yet. The better subject of the two was frozen, as her friend believing she was a plain old mannequin poses her for the camera. She’s also hypnotized to become a chicken (another transformation that was one of the best we’ve filmed), a cat, and a puppy.

This is only to highlight a few scenes from one our most interesting releases yet. Both girls were very different subjects, but proved to be a lot of fun as they experience hypnosis together. It comes highly recommended and shouldn’t be missed.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full hypnotic induction and several reinductions as their trance state is deepened
  • Both girls become frozen like a statue whenever they hear a trigger word
  • They are often moved or posed while they remain completely frozen
  • They are given new suggestions to follow while frozen as well
  • Both girls find they cannot remember the number four
  • Both girls find they cannot remember their name
  • They find themselves thinking and saying the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” whenever they are asked how they feel or how they’re doing
  • While in trance they repeat the phrase whenever their shoulder is touched
  • While in trance they say the word sleep and go deeper each time
  • They stand up while in trance and repeat in unison the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized”
  • Each girl is woken up on their own and experience their mouth and tongue becoming numb
  • One girl is woken up and slowly transforms into a cat, while the other remains in trance
  • The other girl is woken up and slowly transforms into a cat as while
  • One girl wakes up as a robot, while the other remains in trance
  • She follows some simple commands as a robot, including repeating the mantra “robot”
  • The other girl is woken up as a robot as well, and explains how she feels
  • One girl is powered off as a robot while the remains as a robot
  • One girl transforms from a robot into a chicken, thinking and acting like a chicken
  • One girl becomes a completely poseable mannueqin
  • She is posed while a mannequin by the other girl who does not recognize her and believes she’s a real mannueqin
  • One girl is hypnotized by the pocket watch while the other remains posed as the mannequin
  • The other girl is hypnotized by the pocket watch while her body remains stuck in that pose
  • One girl transforms again into a chicken
  • She transforms into a cat again
  • She transforms into a puppy
  • They both experience the pleasurable handshake

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