Sophie Hypnotized – Third Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature one of our favorite subjects in Sophie, who was returning for her third visit. After being put through our lengthy hypnotic induction, she was very responsive to our suggestions, which is no surprise if you’ve seen her previous sessions. This is not only a content packed visit with a lot of new suggestions for Sophie, but it’s also the best quality we’ve managed to capture with her.

There were a number of great moments in this visit, showcasing more of Sophie’s personality in some of the transformations than we’ve seen before. While we explore a lot of the animal transformations that are common in our sessions, having her think and act like a cat, a puppy, and a chicken, we also explored some personality changes. We had her think she was both a cheerleader and a ballerina, as well as believing she was a mechanical robot. There was quite a few freeze scenes, where she becomes frozen like a statue and posed, also experiencing that freeze very slowly starting from her toes and moving up to her head. She experiences a pleasure gun, with a function that raises the level of pleasure all the way up to ten.

This is only highlighting some memorable moments from an all-around great hypnosis session. It comes highly recommended for new and old fans alike.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full induction and reinduction
  • She becomes frozen like a statue whenever she hears a special trigger word
  • She is moved and posed while she remains completely frozen
  • She is often given new suggestions to follow while she remains frozen
  • She becomes frozen very slowly from her toes up to her head
  • She forgets more and more details each time she hears a snap, starting with her name
  • She responds to a TV remote as if it’s programmed for her, becoming muted, paused, placed in slow motion, her language is changed to gibberish, and she’s powered off
  • A bouquet of flowers causes her to slowly fall asleep when she smells them
  • A toy gun gives her a jolt of pleasure each time she is shot with it, which she eventually uses on herself
  • The pleasure guns settings are turned up with each shot up to 10
  • She slowly finds herself transforming into a cat as she puts on a cat costume
  • She transforms into various animals when she hears a special trigger phrase, thinking and acting like a chicken, a cat, and a puppy
  • She believes she’s a cheerleader and gives the camera a few different cheers
  • She believes she’s a ballerina and dances in front of the camera
  • She becomes a robot, both thinking and acting like a mechanical robot
  • She follows some simple commands while she is a robot
  • She feels as if her arms and hands are connected to a stuffed monkey, and when it moves so does she like a puppet
  • She can also feel what the stuffed monkey feels as the monkey is tickled
  • She is hypnotized by the stuffed monkey
  • She feels a pleasurable sensation whenever she hears a snap
  • She feels that pleasure build and release as she shakes the hypnotists hand
  • She believes the session has finished but finds her hand becomes stuck to the doorknob
  • While her hand is stuck she feels the same pleasurable sensation from earlier

Price: $19.99
Video Format: MP4
Quality: 1080p
File Size: 2.74gb
Length: 1hr49m

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