Ashley Hypnotized – First Visit

In this hypnosis session we feature a brand new volunteer in Ashley, who was being hypnotized for the first time. She was a difficult subject as first, requiring a little extra time getting used to trance and the hypnotic state, but once taken deep enough she was very responsive to all of our suggestions. While the first half of the session was spent on deepening and taking her in and out of trance, we managed to fit quit a few suggestions into the second half. Her responses were surprisingly deep, with one of the best chicken transformations we’ve seen.

You wouldn’t think she had any trouble going into trance judging from the way she responds to our full list of suggestions, as all of her responses were quite powerful. She is hypnotized with a number of different inductions, showing some great eye-rolls as she enters trance. She took to the animal transformations extremely well, and we explore that a lot in this session. She is often frozen, posed or moved as if she were a statue, completely stuck in place. She becomes a robot a lot in this session as well, thinking and acting as if she were a real robot. She also showed quite a powerful response to the pleasure gun and handshake, perhaps the most powerful¬†response to that suggestion yet.

It was certainly one of our more impressive displays of hypnosis and comes highly recommended.

Full list of suggestions:

  • Full induction and reinduction
  • She experiences several different hypnotic inductions as she’s further relaxed
  • Her hand raises during the hypnotic trance while she imagines balloons tied to her wrists
  • She says the word sleep while in trance as a trigger to go deeper and deeper
  • She becomes frozen like a statue whenever she hears the word freeze
  • She is moved or posed while she remains completely frozen
  • She is hypnotized while watching a pocket watch
  • She feints or falls into an instant sleep anytime a hand passes over her eyes, and this suggestion is explored repeatedly
  • She thinks and says the phrase “I am deeply hypnotized” anytime she’s asked how she’s doing or how she feels
  • Her mouth and tongue feel more numb and swollen each time she hears a snap
  • She becomes a chicken while in trance
  • She transforms into a cat, thinking and acting like a cat
  • Her socks are removed while she is a cat
  • She becomes a robot, moving and speaking robotically
  • She follows some simple commands, including repeating that she is a robot
  • She dances robotically while she is a robot
  • She is triggered to become a chicken again
  • She is hypnotized with an instant induction while a chicken
  • She feels a jolt of pleasure whenever she is shot with a toy gun
  • She can’t help from shooting herself with the toy gun whenever she’s holding it
  • When she focuses on the camera lens, she finds it slowly pulls her mind
  • She becomes a monkey, thinking and acting like a monkey
  • She becomes a cat again
  • She becomes a dancer, automatically dancing when she hears music
  • She experiences an orgasmic handshake
  • Her hand becomes stuck to the doorknob when she attempts to leave and she experiences an orgasmic experience as she holds it

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